Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!!

I have to literally laugh out loud as I update this... it has been over a year (not counting Orion's birthday entry) WOW. I guess between life, work + my business, getting married, planning for baby number two...etc. life has gotten a little to busy to "blog" BUT I know that MANY people love Orion and love pictures of him SO I will truly try to continue to update as I can. We are very blessed. I am going to put Halloween pictures up first AND then move on to a BUNCH of random pictures from the last year! ENJOY!





The DeVault Family Wine Festival

Thank you Aunt Jeanette for the costume!

Thanks Nanny and Pappy for mommy and daddys costumes!

Painting his pumpkin.

He was crazy jumping off the slide and going down this thing... he is fearless!

The future Mr. and Mrs. Myers! :) They are so sweet together.

I love this picture!

Bounce house SILLY time!

Awesome cupcakes! Thanks mom!

Andrew and Orion .... the cowboy and amigo!

Andrew and Natalie (our neighbors) with Orion

I can't figure out why this is posting backwards... ?

Marty's house

Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 on the 3rd...

Well today is ORION's birthday!!! I got up extra early just to see his little face as soon as got up out of bed (he usually comes in and wake us up)! This is the first birthday he has been really excited about... he can't stop telling me about what he wants for his cake and 4 gifts...precious! (he will get more than 4 I am sure!) I can't even imagine that 3 years ago today he was getting ready to come into this world, in a pretty bumpy way, BUT we are just thankful he is here today and we pray GOD gives him MANY many more birthdays with us and on and on...
We are truly so thankful for our family and friends that were by our side when he was born and for the weeks that followed, for the amazing team of doctors and nurses that worked with him once he was at Duke and for their technology, and for GOD who saw July 3, 2007 as an opportunity to make us totally dependent on him for a miracle and then GIVING us one wrapped up in our little Orion and his precious life!
We are eternally grateful for everything and will never forget how hard so many people worked and prayed to get us to this beautiful place!!